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PerkinElmer’s Informatics solutions empower scientists and researchers to gain critical insights from data analytics, accelerating informed decisions.

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A modern ELN is the critical element in digital transformation

A leader in launching the first generation of electronic lab notebooks (ELN), PerkinElmer has applied the latest, most robust technologies to develop the next generation of ELNs in its Signals Notebook solution.

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More than Chemical Drawing: Chemistry Communication

From lightning-fast drawing capabilities to integrations with key research applications and ease of sharing and communicating Chemistry, see why ChemDraw is a leading software platform among chemists and research scientists.

Extraordinary scientific innovation designed to simplify, empower and enlighten.

BioELN simplifies scientific complexity

PerkinElmer’s BioELN solution provides a unique set of capabilities that simplify enterprise biology workflows designed to save cost and result in better decisions.

ChemOffice+ turns chemical drawings into chemical knowledge

Easily search, manage documents, and instantly convert them into presentation-worthy reports with PerkinElmer’s cloud-based ChemOffice+ software.

Faster insight and decision making with Signals Inventa

PerkinElmer’s Signals Inventa provides a single point for search, enabling scientists to drill into data including chemical entities, sequences and end point results.

Clinical Research & Development

Rapidly explore clinical trial and biomarker data for proactive decision-making with a modern platform powered by TIBCO® Spotfire® and PerkinElmer Signals Clinical technologies.

Make, Test, Decide

From planning and design of synthesis experiments to development and execution of biological assays, or material testing methods, PerkinElmer’s simplified process can be summarized as “Make, Test, Decide” cycles.

Advancing Product Development with Powerful Informatics

PerkinElmer’s enterprise software solutions empower you to meet stricter regulations with an integrated data platform that accelerates product development, breakthrough innovations and speed-to-market.​

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PerkinElmer Informatics + TIBCO® Spotfire® Analytics. Innovation on steroids!

Quickly uncover insights into your R&D data with easy to use and easy to build TIBCO® Spotfire® dashboards. Whether you are a part of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, CRO, Food & Beverage, Agriculture or Energy Industry, TIBCO® Spotfire® can empower your organization to easily mine scientific and business data and gain insights, in real-time.

We highly recommend PerkinElmer’s Signals Notebook for any organization considering an Electronic Notebook solution. Their service and the ability to closely personalize the notebook to our organization’s needs was unrivaled.
Mark Pytlik, Agios

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