ChemDraw Connect


The Wizards love to hit the road and bring ChemDraw to The People virtually. When they do, the love flows. ChemDraw Connect is a demonstration/workshop for groups of 25 or more at your company or university presented by one of the Wizards, in-person or virtually.

Here are few quotes from a tiny percentage of the hundreds of scientists who have participated in ChemDraw Connect:

"Very good use of my time; I'm a long-time user and I learned many new features."
Chemist, Top 5 Pharma Company
"I honestly had no idea about most of the shortcuts that were presented. This will definitely save me time and is one of the more useful presentations I've been a part of."
R&D Scientist, Large Pharma Company
"The variability offered by generic structure expansion as well as the hotkeys for creating reactions arrows+product are the best!"
Graduate student, University in the US


Whether you’re an experienced chemist or an aspiring one, ChemDraw helps you find your way around organic chemistry without having to master drawing.

It’s worth a try! And, great news, trying the latest version of ChemDraw for 15 days is absolutely FREE!