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The PerkinElmer ChemDraw Wizards have created this Showcase as the place to share your work alongside our own.

We hope you will send us your challenges and triumphs in chemical communications, whether it’s a drawing you created in ChemDraw or another drawing package.

The ChemDraw Wizards Challenge


PerkinElmer is known almost as much for our hands-on expertise in research and development as we are for our diverse product line up.
So, of course, the company has a team of Ph.D.s who know ChemDraw like you know chemistry. Meet them and then take the Challenge.

Here are just a few of those PerkinElmer experts – The ChemDraw Wizards:

PIERRE MORIEUX, PH.D. -- ChemDraw, Global Marketing Manager

Pierre has a unique position as both the ChemDraw product manager working with the PerkinElmer product development team and as the global marketing lead. His doctorate is from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

JINSOO KIM, PH.D. -- Field Application Scientist

Jinsoo is a man of many products. He is a ChemDraw Wizard as well as a Signals Notebook and TIBCO Spotfire® guru. He has also worked at pharmaceutical and biotech companies on ocular and oncology R&D. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of California in Organic Chemistry.

PAUL-STEFFEN KUHN, PH.D. -- Field Application Scientist

Based in Germany, Paul covers Europe whenever ChemDraw wizarding is required there. His doctorate is in the field of bioinorganic and medicinal chemistry and drug development under the supervision of Prof. Bernhard Keppler, Institut of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Vienna.
Lead Discovery


The ChemDraw Wizards love a challenge! Plus, they love to help customers and prospects solve the hardest chemistry communications problems you face. This passion resulted in “The ChemDraw Wizards Challenge.”

It’s easy to participate and you might win a cool ChemDraw gift.

Send us your challenge
Just send us your toughest chemical drawing/publishing challenge (It doesn't have to be drawn in ChemDraw; it can be a challenge with any drawing solution). Tell us who you are, how long it took to create your drawing, your biggest frustration in doing so, and if we can showcase your work on social media.
The wizards will review
The Wizards will take a look, select a drawing and will show how it would be drawn in ChemDraw, and how long it took to create it. The Wizards will then post the results to The Showcase section of this site.
The toughest submissions will be shared once a month
Once per month, the Wizards will share a few of the toughest submissions with the whole ChemDraw community. If you want to remain anonymous, you can. If you’d like to participate personally in the session, we’d love to have you.

View the Showcase

This section is all YOU. All the drawings here are from the ChemDraw Community and represent your biggest challenges.
Haven’t submitted your Challenge? Stump the Wizards!

Drawing Tafluprost Without a Mouse

In this video, Matt Horwitz (Synthetic Workshop Videos Channel) from University of Oxford and Pierre Morieux show how to switch from point & click tools in ChemDraw, to drawing a molecule like Tafluprost much more efficiently with the new ChemDraw Hotkeys. Do you have a ChemDraw challenge for us?

Quick synthetic steps with hotkeys and shortcuts

In this 2nd video, Matt Horwitz (Synthetic Workshop Videos Channel) from University of Oxford and Pierre Morieux continue exploring how to easily generate synthetic steps with a combination of reaction shortcuts and hotkeys. Do you have a ChemDraw challenge for us?

Hotkeys & Reaction Shortcuts

Future Video

This should be you!