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Spotfire Quarterly Connect+

Join us for this ongoing Spotfire Quarterly Connect+ community series and learn how you can go beyond and get more out of your data using PerkinElmer Informatics’ Spotfire-powered solutions.

Connect with industry experts and colleagues that will help you gain critical insights...

  • 1 July 28th at 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 5PM CET

Cell Painting by Numbers – How To Calculate Thousands of Features with one Building Block

Cell Painting is a specific technique in phenotypic screening which allows to screen compounds even if the target is not known. In Cell Painting,  assays you screen for compounds driving the phenotype of your cellular model in a specific direction.   Join us to see how...

  • 1 June 29th 8 AM PT / 11AM ET / 5 PM CET

Automating Intracellular Ligand-Protein Binding Data Analyses

The Cellular Thermal Shift Assay’s (CETSA) unique approach allows the assessment and quantification of target engagement under physiological conditions without modifying the compound or protein. In this webinar we will share best practices to analyze CETSA data starting from...

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Embracing Digital Acceleration to Improve Lab Efficiency for the Chemical Industry

Specialty chemical and related industries are faced with many challenges in the development of new products and the optimization of existing materials. The innovation process can be very time-consuming and has high demands on cost and materials performance/properties.  In...