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Transforming Clinical Research & Development

Powered by global analytics leader TIBCO Spotfire, PerkinElmer Clinical solutions provide a holistic view across all your clinical data. Interactive visualizations and predictive analytics allow Clinical Development teams to rapidly explore clinical data for proactive and responsive decision making, rather than retrospective tracking of results.

Harnessing Advanced Analytics and Service Solutions to Address the Needs of Today's Clinical R&D

PerkinElmer Clinical solutions streamline clinical trials with real-time access to clinical data during all phases of clinical development, allowing the user to interact with the data as soon as it is collected.

Designed to facilitate translational and clinical use cases via a portfolio of prebuilt solutions, each solution integrates smoothly together to manage your entire portfolio of clinical trials. Powering everything from discovery through trial safety and efficacy analysis, clinical operations, and beyond, we have you covered.

Gain Critical Insights

Make Informed Decisions Faster

Never Miss a Safety Signal

Accelerate Speed to Market

Speed and Agility Without Compromising Quality

PerkinElmer Clinical Solutions, powered by TIBCO Spotfire, provide a single unified data analytics platform – from source to visualization to action. With unrivaled workflow flexibility to support dynamic collaboration, PerkinElmer’s Clinical solutions are accelerating the delivery of urgently needed therapeutics to patients.

Clinical Data Review

Detect safety signals faster and reduce time to submission with innovative workflows and advanced analytics.

Risk-Based Monitoring

Data-driven insights to optimize site performance while improving patient safety

Clinical Operations

Timely information and actionable insights that enable optimal study start-up, budget, and milestone tracking.


Visual analytics to accelerate the response to safety issues while facilitating regulatory compliance.

Scalability and Flexibility Where and When You Need it the Most

PerkinElmer Clinical solutions are designed with clinical analysis in mind. Deployed in four to six weeks and adjustable to your needs, PerkinElmer Clinical solutions can easily be mixed and matched for specific needs or scaled as a solution to meet an entire portfolio’s requirements. Scalability and flexibility on your terms.

Biomarker Discovery and Subject Selection

Enable researchers to identify biomarkers that allow for better cohort selection and improved patient stratification.

Clinical Data Review

Effectively monitor trial safety, efficacy, & data quality across the entire portfolio and respond rapidly respond to protocol amendments.

Medical Review

Drive guided processes through the medical monitoring practice including safety analysis and line listing review while preventing study biasing.

Operational Effectiveness

Identify & communicate milestone, recruitment, site, & protocol deviation challenges to the entire team.

Identifying Key Risks

Better forecast challenges unique to my protocol or therapy and leverage methods available to centrally monitor my study.

Ensuring Safety

Identify the best methods to identify safety signals across internal, public, and other data sets. Proactively detect safety and efficacy from real world data.
Clinical Data Review

Innovative Workflows and Advanced Analytics Enabling Patient Safety

PerkinElmer’s Clinical Data Review solutions are designed to address the multifarious challenges of analyzing clinical trial data and put in place robust strategies to overcome these hurdles. They provide users with speed, agility, and tailored analytics to identify risks early, accelerating the time to bring important therapies to market safely.

Powered by TIBCO Spotfire®, these solutions can be integrated within an existing ecosystem or used as stand-alone platforms to support a specific clinical need, providing unrivaled flexibility to support all your clinical data review needs.

Enhancing Your Clinical Data Review Process

Signals Line Listing Review leverages TIBCO Spotfire's interactive capabilities to enable clinical study teams to review, query, and track the status of their line listings in a collaborative, centralized, and scalable environment.

Watch our video to learn how Signals Line Listing Review can help your team ensure patient safety, monitor study progress and quickly identify trends.

Risk-Based Monitoring

The Most Effective Way to Leverage Data-Driven Insights

PerkinElmer’s solution for Risk-Based Monitoring enables organizations with TIBCO Spotfire visual analytics to quickly identify and track actions for high-risk sites. Using Translcerate’s best practices, our solution employs 20 key risk indicators configurable for each study or therapy. From study start-up to database lock, your organization can adjust the weighting of each key risk indicator to reflect the status of your trial and your priorities

Optimize Site Performance While Improving Patient Safety

Our Risk-Based Monitoring solution empower users with visual analytics to proactively monitor clinical trial data from various source systems, contributing to more efficient trial execution and rapid identification of patient safety and data quality issues.

Quickly identify and track actions for high-risk sites

Reduce complexity by supporting multiple trial designs and data sources

Optimize monitoring using adaptive risk models applied to historical study data

Clinical Operations

Improving Operational Efficiency

PerkinElmer’s solution for Clinical Operations enables organizations with TIBCO Spotfire visual analytics to improve operational performance management. Improvements are achieved by tracking metrics and key performance indicators while reducing the time, costs, and risks associated with running clinical trials. Each indicator is configurable for each study, therapy, or region and can be deployed for your entire portfolio.


Better Insights Lead to Better Patient Protection

PerkinElmer’s Pharmacovigilance solution enables organizations with TIBCO Spotfire visual analytics to accelerate the response to safety issues while facilitating regulatory compliance. Our solutions focus on safety case analysis and medical safety review and are extendable to drive signal detection and data reconciliation. By deploying these analytics across your entire portfolio, study teams are enabled to take a more strategic approach to their medical and safety review.

  • Accelerate Response to Safety Issues
  • Enhance Protection of Patients
  • Maintain Good Standing with Regulators

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