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Advanced data access and analytics for biomarker discovery and patient stratification

With visual analytics powered by TIBCO Spotfire®, PerkinElmer Signals Translational provides all the necessary tools to harmonize, manage, search, aggregate and analyze data consistently across large datasets for use in translational research in a highly scalable manner.

Signals Translational

Powered by the industry-leading visual analytics platform TIBCO Spotfire®, Signals Translational enables Precision Medicine studies with the most advanced biomarker discovery and patient stratification solution available today.

Remove data access inefficiencies

Integrate diversity at any scale

Achieve high-performance cross-studies search and secure retrieval

Perform self-service visual analytics for biomarker discovery

Optimize patient stratification

Enable better outcomes for biomarker-driven clinical trials


Rapidly test hypotheses, identify biomarkers and improve patient stratification

Enable your research team to perform analysis independently

Centralize all your clinical, biomarker and public biomarker data for quicker insights


Advanced Analytics at your Fingertips

The Linear Mixed Effect App (LME) in Signals Translational allows scientists to rank the effect of multiple variables on a phenotype of interest, with the option to correct the effect of random variables in the analysis.

The genes with the strongest impact on cancer stage progression can be identified independently of the origin of the patients. With the advantage to properly handle missing values and outliers, LME models are an effective tool to identify potential biomarkers in longitudinal studies.

Test and Adapt Hypotheses

Create ad hoc cohorts and utilize integrated translational analytics protocols to test and adapt your hypotheses, reducing reliance on data scientists

Search and Share

Share data, search exports, and utilize analytics protocols in a scalable enterprise-level infrastructure with role-based user management capabilities across different functional groups.

Cross-study analysis

A unified environment supports integrated data access, ad hoc querying, and analytics to enable repeatable and shareable protocols.

Powered by TIBCO Spotfire®, analytics in Signals Translational are designed to improve clinical trial development and design process by providing user-friendly applications to perform complex analytics in a simple, intuitive, repeatable manner so that you can keep refining your hypothesis to increase your chances of biomarker discovery and improve patient stratification.

A successful biomarker-driven clinical trial depends on identifying optimal patient cohorts via powerful analytics that let you access the right data – and derive the best insights from it. With PerkinElmer Signals™ Translational, you can now complete your biomarker project faster.

Success of clinical trials is increasingly reliant on better-informed patient stratification strategies. Often, results are affected by inefficiencies related to repeatable and shareable analytics for cross-study biomarker analysis.

Take the complexity out of patient stratification, so that more users with varied expertise and skillsets can:

  • Perform advanced analytics
  • Test and adapt their hypothesis
  • Gain biomarker-based insights faster
  • Make informed decisions earlier in the process

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