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The future-proof Signals Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

Signals Notebook is the only future-proof electronic notebook solution that covers a comprehensive set of scientific use cases, spanning biology, chemistry, formulations, analysis, and more. It enables critical elements of digital transformation through an outstanding ELN experience. It will enable you to improve productivity and data transparency through enhanced collaboration, improved workflows and lab automation. It drives informed decisions by optimizing the reuse of data and is positioned to be at the epicenter of any scientific digital transformation strategy.

Drive digital transformation

Signals Notebook has a modern user interface like the ones on all your personal apps, the need for training is negligible. You will be up and running in no time. That’s part of the reason Signals Notebook is the electronic lab notebook of choice for companies as to whether it’s a team of 4-5 research scientists to the largest biotechs and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

You will quickly benefit from the ways our cloud ELN improves:

Intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface

Massively scalable with Google-like search performance

Social collaboration features including chat and notifications

APIs and Interfaces for integration

Robust rule-based access control model, including support for CROs

Template management with table and form design

Structured data capture with processing and analytics

The leading enterprise-ready, cloud-native ELN for large and small molecule research

Signals Notebook supports DNA and Protein Sequences. Here we see a plasmid feature selected to highlight the underlying sequence.

Flexibility and breadth to support wide range of workflows now and in the future — including both chemistry, biology, formulations, analytical sciences, and materials sciences.

Over 1 million scientists at 4000 organizations count on Signals Notebook to help them streamline their workflows

Structured data capture with APIs and interfaces for integration with instruments, in-house systems, and databases

ChemACX - A One Stop Shop

The PerkinElmer Available Chemicals Exchange (ChemACX) is a robust database providing a unified, up-to-date, structure-searchable source of more than 20 million substances and 37 million products from 780 suppliers worldwide – including large suppliers such as Sigma Aldrich, Fisher Scientific, Acros, and TCI America, as well as many smaller specialized niche suppliers.

Updated quarterly

Accurate Supplier Information

Provides accurate supplier information, including pack size, purity and price

Available for Integration

Available via ChemACX Explorer in ChemDraw and Signals Notebook as well as for in-house installation for integration with the PerkinElmer Informatics Inventory and E-Notebook applications

What’s New with Signals Notebook?

Signals Notebook is continuously improved to ensure our customers have the latest and best electronic lab notebook solution. Find out about all the latest improvements.

Need for Speed

Signals Notebook is built on the same architecture as scalable, high speed sites, such as Twitter and Amazon. It scales elastically and it’s as fast as you need it to be. No more time lost waiting for search results. No more counting the seconds to get to a different part of your experiment. Signals Notebook gets you there in sub-seconds.

Signals Notebook is as easy to use as your smartphone.

Take a look.

PerkinElmer Enterprise Scientific Research Solutions

Always improving

Signals Notebook is continuously improving with updates every 4-6 weeks. New features are automatically available to turbo-charge R&D workflows and drive informed decisions by optimizing the reuse of data. No downloads. No IT work. With Signals Notebook, you’ll get the most advanced end-to-end scientific workflow solutions for enhanced collaboration and data management.

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