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Thank you for your interest in a free trial of Signals Notebook, the cloud-native, intuitive Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN).

On this page you will find all the information you need to decide which free trial version meets your needs – for just you, for your lab, to complement your ChemOffice license. There is also a comparison of the different versions to make it even easier to determine the best fit.

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When you try Signals Notebook you can search millions of records in milliseconds, share your data more easily, and accelerate your science.

Of course, PerkinElmer also offers just the right range of free trials. Click on the button below that best meets your needs. Then simply fill out the free trial request form and a Signals Notebook team member will be in touch.

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CapabilitySignals Notebook
Preferred by most
Signals Notebook
Signals Notebook
Private Cloud
Signals Notebook
Individual Edition
Cloud based application, no server required (SaaS solution)
Included with ChemOffice Professional
Per user licensing model
Shared tenant
Multi tenant environment (Dedicated URL, logo)
Private Environment (Dedicated architecture)
Optionally validated system, access to Staging environment
Choice of geographical location for data storage
Regular updates
Scheduled updates (3 x year)
Embedded sketcher, with optional stoichiometric table for chemical reactions
Comment on experiments
Configure email and app notifications
Share experiments
Access to ChemACX Explorer
Signing and Witnessing workflows
Configure signing and witnessing workflows
Administrator manages user lifecycle (create, deactivate, transfer content)
Create ACL rules for sharing content
Create new metadata for experiments (projects, locations, autonaming etc.)
Define restricted system access (IP Range, SAML SSO)
Material libraries
Custom tables
Integration with external databases
Define autotext (lists, text snippets)

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