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The only way to do it right is to do it all.

One solution for data capture, data processing, and analysis. Better Decisions arise from improved data capture and data management across scientific disciplines in a “self-service” model.

Diagram with the title "Smarter Science Capabilities". The first row has a column with this content: first row large molecule research, second row small molecule research, and a third row formulations research. The next column to the right says Testing assay development. The next column to the right says safety animal testing. The final column has another list of three: one, large molecule development, two small molecule development, three formulations development. Then there is another row underneath all of this, with three columns saying data management, search, and analytics. Then there is another row underneath all of this that says APIs & systems integration. Then there is a final row with these terms connected with arrows: synthesis, formulation, analytical testing, scale up, and customer.

Comprehensive Data Management And Analysis Across All R&D Disciplines

  • Experimental data capture, materials management, and collaboration workflows in a user-friendly cloud-based electronic notebook
  • Flexible visual and automatable instrument data processing to drive data quality and reproducibility
  • Unified data management for scientific results combined with rich interactive analytics
  • Extensibility to integrate with internal and partner systems and processes

Solutions to Streamline and Accelerate Comprehensive Scientific Workflows

Collaboration, communication, and intellectual property control

Because science is not a solo endeavor, researchers, project leads, and external collaborators need to share information with colleagues anywhere, any time.

Flexible data integration

The Signals Research Suite lets you integrate user data, instrument data, and knowledge data, no matter where it’s captured.

Find data faster, gain deeper understanding

Trying to find data can lead to frustrating dead ends. Effective search tools and rich visual dashboards are key to improving the speed and quality of your scientific research.

Capture, organize, share and explore your data.

Signals Notebook including ChemDraw®, the leading chemical drawing software, will provide you a powerful solution for capturing, organizing, sharing and exploring your data.

A single data processing platform for assay development and execution across all types of experimental workflows.

Capture results, parse instrument files, and process your data using automatable calculation templates.

Advanced Chemical and Biological Intelligence

Scientific research projects, while similar in many ways, also contain significant variability to allow for stable data structures. It is too slow and expensive to assign required IT staff to each scientific project, and scientists need the capability to adapt in real-time. Our solution is ideally suited to handle the most critical research use cases involving earlier stage in vitro assays, later stage in vitro assays, cell line optimization, biologics process optimization, in vitro DMPK assays, animal pharmacokinetic studies, stage animal efficacy and safety studies.

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