Signals Screening

Data management & analysis for all modalities in one platform

Signals Screening unites assay development, low throughput to ultra-high throughput production assays, HTS, and in vivo studies so users can search across all assay and screening data in a single platform

Signals Screening

PerkinElmer Enterprise Scientific Research Solutions

From Assay Development to HTS and In vivo analysis

With an unparalleled, flexible data model, users can scale up seamlessly with high throughput automation, onboard new screening techniques on demand, leverage the flexible interface throughout and/or apply out-of-the box guided workflows at scale.

Save Time

  • Signals Screening’s single interface bypasses the need to learn multiple analysis software programs, allowing new users to get up and running faster.
  • Once protocols are set up, subsequent data analyses are a snap, giving scientists more time to review and study the results.
  • HTS, HCS, SPR and more, hundreds of data formats from a variety of screening techniques can easily be transformed, processed and analyzed with standard out of the box curve fits or using custom curve fits with just a few clicks and in just a few minutes.

Identify Higher Quality Leads.

  • Comparing results from multiple experiments within one analysis allows you to draw better conclusions and reduce false positives.
  • The Hit Selection App provides filtering on relevant SPR parameters such as kd, ka, KD, and Rmax to select hits for annotation or export.

Zero in on Data of Interest.

  • Lasso data points with ideal parameters on an iso affinity plot to bring corresponding sensorgrams and compound names and associated kinetic values into view.
  • Filter by inputting a desired kinetic parameter range to bring corresponding sensorgrams into view.

Expanded Graphic and Output Choices.

  • Integration with Spotfire greatly expands graphic output choices, allowing presentation of SPR data in the most impactful way to improve decision making.
  • Export functions allow choices in what you export for reporting.
  • Direct export of figures and data to ppt, excel, word, pdf.
  • Customization allows for direct connections to electronic notebooks and corporate databases further increasing data integrity and traceability.


Easily export graphics and tables directly to Powerpoint, .csv, Excel, .pdf.

Protocol Templates

Time savings: Subsequent data analyses are a snap.

Data consistency: From day to day, between and across groups.

Data integrity: Less human configuring, less human error.

One software package for multiple instruments and assay types.

Time savings: Less time getting up to speed on multiple different instrument software packages.

Data accuracy: Compare results from multiple instruments and formats together to make better conclusions and reduce false positives.

Graphics driven by TIBCO Spotfire®

Integration with TIBCO Spotfire® allows for nearly limitless visualization capabilities. Heat maps, dendograms, cluster analyses to highlight a few.

Interactive visualizations.

Standard Statistical Analyses driven by TIBCO Spotfire®

1:1 interaction with mass transport.

Steady State affinity.

Soon- non-regenerative fitting.

ka, kd, KD, Rmax, kt, x2, stdev.

Sensorgrams with curve fit overlay.

Scientific data processing tools must offer flexibility, usability, and reproducibility.These critical capabilities are always in tension with one another. Existing tools tend to compromise. Generic tools like Excel, Graph Pad, or MiniTab offer great flexibility but sacrifice ease of use the data governance required for scientific reproducibility. Bespoke tools on the other hand provide targeted solutions for very specific scenarios but lack the flexibility required by the ad-hoc nature of scientific discovery.

The Signals Screening platform is the first in the industry to offer the ideal balance.It is based on the highly flexible and extensible Spotfire analytics platform. This allows extensive configurability and interoperability with third-party and open source libraries. But unlike monolithic bespoke applications, it is fully modular. Task-specific Spotfire Applications provide out-of-the-box modules of advanced scientific functionality that can be composed into self-documented and fully reproducible versioned data processing protocols. New functionality can be readily added to the application without costly custom feature development.

Signals Screening Data Sheet
Signals Screening SPR Data Sheet

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