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Software Tailored to Exceed your Scientific Needs

From R&D through clinical trials in pharma and biotech, to product development across industrial segments, we have the people, processes and technology to drive success.


PerkinElmer Informatics has decades of experience developing domain-specific software for smarter science.

Our world is complex and to generate more meaningful conclusions and achieve digital transformation, scientists and clinical study teams require better, smarter ways to work.

See how we help our customers around the globe.

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Unite assay development, low to ultra-high throughput production assays, in vitro and in vivo studies—all, in a single, integrated platform.

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Amass the power of advanced data analytics with chemical intelligence, backed by a 35-year history of PerkinElmer’s ChemDraw.

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Clinical & Translational

Explore clinical data for proactive decision making with data connectivity, interactive visualizations, collaboration tools, and predictive analytics.

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Pharmaceutical Development

Drive innovation while maintaining the recordkeeping rigor needed for compliance.

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Industrial Segments

Accelerate product development, breakthrough innovations, and increase speed-to-market across broad industries with our integrated data platform.

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