The BioELN Solution

The BioELN Solution

The PerkinElmer BioELN solution provides a combination of functionality unavailable elsewhere. From disparate disciplines like assay development to DMPK to molecular biology, and more, the solution offers the traditional value of an electronic notebook integrated with analytics.

Orchestrating workflows. Making data FAIR.

The BioELN solution makes data FAIR. Findable. Accessible. Interoperable. Re-usable.

Assay development

Get the flexibility you need with no more cutting and pasting The result? More accurate curve fits.

Assay execution

Take the workflow from assay development and easily re-use it with reinventing the wheel. Your data analysis is ready to use immediately.

High-throughput screening

Automate and scale up your data analysis pipeline

High content screening

Full imaging data analysis – move smoothly from instruments to results in one platform

DMPK & Animal Studies

The BioELN solution is purpose built to address specific requirements for handling in vivo studies, treatments, samples. Design studies, cohorts etc. without dependency on IT. Easily integrate In vitro & In vivo data to generate novel candidate nomination visualizations.

Molecular Biology

Sequence Intelligence is available across the Signals Suite. Document designs, register a wide array of molecular modalities, and assess sequence activity relationships.

Bioprocess Research

Upscale and automate your lab experiment to development.

The Scientifically Intelligent Solution

Only a complete and integrated solution can ensure an enterprise biology research organization has a seamless means of making better tactical decisions plus a strategy for dramatically improving workflows over time. Our BioELN solution provides the integrated set of capabilities including necessary to achieve this goal.

Connecting both worlds

DNA and protein files in multiple formats can be added directly to experiments in Signals Notebook via insert or drag and drop. Sequence maps display instantly with feature previews and a side-by-side sequence viewer. Works with virtually all molecular biology tools. Signals Notebook, the foundation of the BioELN solutions, also supports an integration with SnapGene.

Capture data and metadata

The BioELN solution captures data and metadata and supports both your chemistry and biology workflows.

Documentation, collaboration

Signals Notebook is the hub of the BioELN solution, offering structured data capture with APIs and interfaces for integration with instruments, in-house systems, and databases.

Workflow support

Signals Notebook offers a deep feature set specifically designed for scientists. Search across disconnected data sources to find what you need in less than a second. Record, re-use, and share scientific experiments and data more easily than ever.

Integrated curve fitting, data analysis, sequency alignment, and graphing

State of the art curve fitting with global or local fits, a centralized curve fit equation library, point exclusion via Generalized Extreme Studentized Deviate test (GESD). Cross study analytics for any number of compounds, in any therapeutic area, at any time.

Instrument integration and data processing

Guided workflows take users from instrument data import to reporting in minutes. BioELN tackles any analysis challenge from custom assay development to ultra-high data volumes generated in biologics screens.

Get empowered to handle hundreds of different data formats; process your biology data, extract meaning from the data, then easily share the data – all within a single platform – the PerkinElmer BioELN solution.

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