Collaboration is key to the
Make-Test-Decide process

The last ten years have seen revolutionary changes in science – particularly in biotechnology and systems biology. Collaboration is more important than ever.

The complexity and variety of the available chemical and biology data has challenged how scientists are able to communicate and collaborate. Simultaneously, the revolution in massive, high performance systems pioneered by companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook is the model PerkinElmer Informatics has applied to meet those challenges – including the efficient sharing of huge amounts of data.

Working together to achieve a common goal

The right electronic notebook is the hub for communication and collaboration across highly decentralized organizations.

Achieve Breakthroughs

Achieve meaningful scientific breakthroughs by keeping meticulous track of material evidence.
Signals Notebook

Embedded ChemDraw

Signals Notebook is the only electronic lab notebook with ChemDraw(r) embedded. This super charges small molecule research.

Empower Decisions

Orchestrate biology workflows and empower data-driven decisions in an increasingly complex, distributed workplace.
Bio Eln