Pharmaceutical Development

Automate workflows and gain insight across silos with a SaaS platform built for validation and compliance. Finally, formulation scientists and analytical chemists have a solution that drives innovation while at the same time supports the recordkeeping rigor needed in Pharmaceutical Development.

Key Capabilities

Formulation recipe capture

Instrument and CDS (chromatography data system) integration

Define and execute stability studies

Define and manage data processing and calculation templates

Analyze results across studies to compare formulations

Audit trails for everything: configuration, material management, study execution, and more

Granular Study and Project based access control model

Robust feature set for 21CFR11 Compliance

Validation deliverables including documentation and dev-test-prod configuration resources

Unique capabilities to orchestrate Pharmaceutical Development

Data Capture and Collaboration

Create and manage formulation recipes, with lookup from centralized lists of excipients, handling multiple formulation types (e.g. tablet, capsule, softgel, IV, etc.)

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Automatically ingest instrument and CDS files, setup power-user-defined parsing routines, and configure calculations and curve-fits.

Publish and Search

Mine data – both formulation composition as well as analytical endpoints to gain insight and compare which formulation performs best based on power-user-defined criteria.